Best Hacks To Fix Windows Update Error 80073712 Hassle-Freely

The error 80073712 on Windows Update can come up while you attempt to perform an update of the Windows Operating System. Moreover, if some files necessary for the Update process gets corrupted due to some other reason then, you might encounter this error.

This error comes up with a message saying (error code will be at the front) “Windows Update ran into a problem”. There are various types of reasons for this issue to trigger.

Some of the most usual cause of this error is that if the Windows Update services have any internal malfunction. Even, if some of the system files are missing or corrupted, then there is a chance for you to encounter this glitch.

Further, if the contains inside the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ folder gets corrupted somehow, then also you might get this problem. Moreover, if the computer has any malicious files, then that disrupt the normal update functionality of the OS and thereby resulting in this annoying error.

Methods to Remove the Windows Update Error 80073712

This is the section of the article, we have provided you with plenty of simple methods which help you to eliminate the error 80073712 of the Windows Update. Hence, implement the methods accordingly to get rid of the error.

Execute the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Since you can encounter this problem due to some problematic files that the Update tool requires. Therefore, the best answer to resolve this issue is to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter. In order to do that, follow the steps below.

  • First, tap on the combination of both the keys ‘Windows + X’ simultaneously, to open the ‘Options Menu’. Within that Menu, choose the ‘Run’ option.
  • Now, a new dialog box, with a name ‘Run’ will come up. Inside that, dialog box type in the following text  “control panel” beside the ‘Open’ label. Then, click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • At this moment a new window, with the name ‘Control Panel’ will come up. Inside this window, there will be various computer settings categories, which you can adjust at your will.
  • Now, go to the search area at the top right corner of that window. Next, write the text “troubleshooting” and then, press the ‘Enter’ key. After that, from the search result, select the ‘Troubleshooting’ option.
  • This action will open a new page with a heading ‘Troubleshoot computer problems’. In that page, navigate to the ‘System and Security’ section and then under it, choose the ‘Fix problems with Windows Update’ link.
  • As soon as you do that, another window ‘Windows Update’ will show up. In that window, go to the bottom and choose the ‘Next’ button. When you click on that button, then the Windows will attempt to identify any problems with the Update tool.
  • If the troubleshooter finds any problem, then that issue will be fixed automatically.
  • At last, check whether this problem removes or not.

Provide Another Name to the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ Directory

When the contains inside the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ folder get damaged somehow, then you can encounter the “Windows Update error 80073712”. This is why the best way to resolve this issue is to rename the ‘SoftwareDistribution” direction. Here is the step on how to do it.

  • First, hit both the keys ‘Windows + R’ together. Then, the ‘Run’ dialog box will appear.
  • Inside that, dialog box type in the text “cmd”, present on the right side of the ‘Open: label’ and then press the ‘OK’ button.
  • At this moment a new window with a black background and white text will appear, which has a name ‘Command Prompt’.
  • Within that window, type the commands to stop all the services respectively and then, press ‘Enter’ after each of them. Those commands are – “net stop wuauserv”, “net stop cryptSvc”, “net stop bits”.
  • After that, write the following commands to start those services that were stopped earlier and give a name to the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ folder.
  • Those commands are as follows – ‘’rename c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old”, “net start wuauserv”, “net start cryptSvc”, “net start bits”.
  • Once the execution of the commands is over, then quit the ‘Command Prompt’ window and reboot the computer.
  • Finally, check if this error comes back or not.

Execute Both SFC and DISM Utility Tools

When the computer has any corrupt or missing system files, then you might come across with this glitch. To rectify those problematic system files and remove this issue, you will have to utilize the SFC and DISM tools.

The System File Checker or SFC is an inbuilt tool within Windows OS that scans for any corrupt system files and tries to repair it. If some system files cannot be repaired by the SFC, then the DISM will help you to correct that system file.

The Deployment Image Servicing and Management is also a tool that will also scan for the system files, which the SFC tool cannot fix and you have to replace it with a cached copy. Follow the steps below on how can you do it.

  • First, tap on the ‘Cortana’ logo to launch the search area. Next, within that area type the text ‘command prompt’. Then from the output of that search, locate and right-click on the ‘Command Prompt’ option.
  • After that, from the popup menu that comes up, choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option. At this moment, the new ‘Command Prompt’ window will appear.
  • Within that window, type the following command that says ‘sfc /scannow’ and then, hit the ‘Enter’ button. Next, write the command ‘DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth’ and then to execute it hit the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Wait for the execution of all the commands to complete and then restart the system.

Start the Windows Update Service Once Again

If the Windows Update service does not perform in the normal way, then you can encounter this error. Now, the best answer to get rid of this problem is to restart the Window Update service process.  To do that follow the sentences below.

  • First, go to the second method present in this section, then follow the first step to open the ‘Run’ dialog box. In it type the ‘services.msc’ and then press the ‘Enter’ key,
  • This will then launch a new ‘Services’ window. Inside that window, locate and right-click on the ‘Windows Update’ service. After that, from the floating menu, choose the ‘Restart’ button.
  • Once the service is initiated once again double-click on it, to open the ‘Properties’ window. Next, in it, select the ‘General’ tab.
  • Under that tab, go to the ‘Startup type:’ label and then, from the drop-down menu choose the ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’ option.
  • At last, reboot the machine and then see if this error comes back or not.

Scan the Computer for Any Malicious File

Sometimes, if the computer has any malicious file, then you might meet with this error while trying to update the Windows Operating System. The best way to remove the malicious code is to run the ‘Windows Defender’ security software.

  • First, from the system tray on the right side of the taskbar, choose the ‘Shield’ icon to open the ‘Windows Defender’ application.
  • Once the software window opens up, then locate and choose the ‘Full’ option to start the scanning procedure.
  • If after the scanning process, the Windows Defender finds any malicious code present within the computer, then you will get a prompt to take corrective action.
  • After that, attempt to perform Windows Update and examine if this error reappears or not.

Utilize a Reliable Software

When none of the above steps present in this section can fix windows update error 80073712, then the last remedy that you can implement is to use reliable software. This software will allow you to get rid of this error if performed accurately. Follow all these lines present underneath:

  • First, open a web browser that you prefer and then search for the reliable software that allows fixing this problem.
  • Next, from the list of option within the search output, choose a popular and free reliable software and visit that application’s official website.
  • After that, from the website, download the setup file of the reliable application and then install it.
  • Once the installation is over, then launch the reliable software. Now, let the software scan the system for errors in the Windows Update tool.
  • After the scanning procedure is over, there will be a ‘Fix’ button. Press on that button and wait for the error to be rectified.
  • Lastly, attempt to perform the update procedure and check whether this issue is there or not.


To rectify the “Windows Update error 80073712”, all you need to do is follow all the methods present in the previous section. But, even after following every step, the error is not resolved. Opt for professional help.

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